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What it's like to be a Tarot Reader

This may be a lengthy post but I hope everyone takes the time to look it over. I've been studying the art of Tarot, Tea Leaf reading and several other forms of divination for quite some time now, and here at Melinda's Enchanted Cottage our goals are not only to help others grow, but to provide them with the knowledge to develop and enhance their own skills and abilities. With each reading, workshop or just general conversation, I seem to get asked the same question: "What's it like?" And today I'm going to share the answer with you. It's scary! Haha it's as simple as that. It's scary in the moments leading up to a reading. I never know who a person is until they sit across from me, and I can't be sure of the events that will unfold as we sit across the table from each other. It's also scary knowing I can't unlearn the things I discover about a person during a read. So before I shake your hand and meet you, you are a complete stranger to me, but after an hour I know your deepest secrets...maybe some secrets your even unwilling to admit to yourself! It's scary, knowing that I probably have more insight into your life then your most dear friend, companion or relative. It's scary, that during a person's most vulnerable time, they seek the guidance and wisdom of a complete stranger. It is then my responsibility to be true, kind, and honest to you, no matter the emotions. It is my duty to be real, because that's what you deserve. When I first started reading (at the age of 16) it was a unique and quirky adventure! To see what others don't see, or to know a person without knowing their name?! Who does that? It was at times a game of "people watching", testing my newly developed skills on family members. It intrigued me as i would watch their eyes glaze over with wonder, and hear a cautious giggle escape their lips at these so called "parlour tricks" of mine. Then the realisation would hit, and in that moment they would realize that I know more then they want me to! The struggle now, is that with this knowledge comes the sense of responsibility. I care about every person I read. I feel for the people who sit across the table from me. I understand their struggles, the trials and tribulations of their life. I see the direction they are headed, the path they trudge, and the patterns they may selfishly hold on to. I also know that very few people ever change their patterns, so I sometimes feel helpless knowing I can't change them, and I also can't fix it for them. I know what's next and I also know when they will return to do it over and over again. I can only hope that my blunt honesty will give them enough insight to spark a change in their behavioural patterns. In my house there is often the amused comment: "You're always ten steps ahead of everyone one else!" however with each step ahead, comes the burden of caring deeply, emotionally, using up my precious energy with each thought. At 16 life was so carefree. I didn't truly understand life, therefore I couldn't possibly understand the traumatic habits that shaped other people's lives. I understand now. Most people who request readings are needing a little direction in love, finances, or looking for an experience. Some people come with the hopes of connecting with a loved one, while others come strictly for entertainment. For whatever reason our paths have crossed, you must know there is a reason! That's a scary position for me as well, as I believe people cross our paths for several reasons. It could be for us to learn from, or gain insight from. Or it could be so that we can enlighten or help them. So for each person that randomly walks into our little witchy shop, it's not a random coincidence to me at all. I know in that moment the universe has alternate plans for me that day. So, as a reader I set aside my time and it becomes your time. Now don't assume that after an hour reading, everyone continues about their merry way...that rarely happens! We have just had a very insightful, emotional, spiritual reading, and have somehow bonded and united over shared experiences, and as a result of this, we have become friends. As such your blessings become mine, your pain also becomes mine, and we share a deeper trust. We may say our farewells, but usually after some tears and a hug, you leave knowing that I'm a person you can trust! So until next time when you able to walk back into our little shop you know that I am "the witch"; your friend; the woman who understands you and never judges you. As new readers, you may wonder: "Well this is sad, why the heck does she volunteer to be burdened with emotions or problems that belong to someone else?!" The simple answer is: with the struggles come the blessings. It's a beautiful feeling to know that I have made a difference in a person's life, and I may have given them hope and opportunity to begin a new adventure, and to know that I was there for them, inspiring them to get creative, while showing them compassion without judgement. As scary as it is to know, I'd feel lost not knowing. I don't want to be too lengthy with this post, I just want to share a little bit of me with you. Before you judge "the witch" or my quirky ways, just know it's what makes me the kind, generous, caring, and earthy woman that I am. Those who speak ill of me, please take a moment and remember that I was once also kind to you. People who pass judgement over what I do, ask yourselves how you are able to make those judgements without truly knowing! Knowledge is the key to Magick, indeed even to life! Know Your Craft! Here at Melinda's Enchanted Cottage we always have an open door policy. Everyone is welcome, no matter their hardships, quirks or spiritual nature. We know those things do not define our true human nature. Blessed Be my Witches and friends;)

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