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Tarot Readings

     Tarot is a profound way to gain insight into your life and situations. Working as a mirror of your life, it reflects your paths and patterns, bringing to your awareness where you are headed, what holds you back, and what you need to be aware of. 

     As readers, we have several options available to choose from for Tarot readings. We can work with our simple "Quick and Dirty" question and answer reading, helping you to gain insight into a specific issue or question, or we can focus on a "Reality Check" and see where you are in your life journey. Our unique "Past Life Regression" reading helps you to gain insight on how your past experiences may be carrying over into this life, and impacting your strengths and abilities.

     If it's a serious matter at hand, we can go all out with a full reading, working though a Celtic Cross spread, and either a 10 card spread or one of our other spreads as the situation calls for. This in depth reading will enlighten you significantly, and help you to be more aware of the journey ahead.

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Tassography (Tea Leaf Readings)

Everyone has a story of that strange old auntie or nanna who used to sit around the table with the girls and read their teacups!
Here at Melinda's Enchanted Cottage, we are stocked with a nice variety of loose leaf teas and a large collection of beautiful tea cups to make your experience fun!
We love what we do here at the Cottage, and Tea Leaf Reading is no exception! Working our way around the cup, we pick out symbols within to help convey the story of upcoming events.
This is a wonderful way to take a break, and have a look into your life. If you've never done it won't be disappointed!

Readings: Our Products
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